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    November 25, 2015 CHMW

    Commerce Home Mortgage Rebrands Wholesale Division

    Wholesale lending division (CHMW) adopts parent company name as it rolls out a newly designed web site and dramatically improves overall broker user experience.

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    San Ramon, CA – November 25, 2015 – Commerce Home Mortgage, a full-service national mortgage lender, has rebranded its Irvine, California-based wholesale division. Formerly known as Commerce Mortgage Wholesale, the new name is now Commerce Home Mortgage Wholesale, more closely reflecting its parent company’s name. Commerce Home Mortgage, an emerging national non-bank lender, rebranded in April 2015 when it added “Home” to its name and transformed its look and online presence.

    “We regarded the word ‘home’ as a powerful one to add to our name as we built our company to serve more homeowners with more loan options,” noted Executive Chairman Scott Simonich, who co-founded the company in 1994. “That includes wholesale lending, through which we offer traditional agency and government loans, jumbo products and other non-QM alternatives,” he said. The company is approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and is a direct Ginnie Mae issuer.

    About Commerce Home Mortgage

    Headquartered in San Ramon, California and originally founded in 1994 by Simonich Corporation and Bank of Walnut Creek, the company was rebranded as Commerce Home Mortgage in 2015. Commerce Home Mortgage lends in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Florida through multiple channels. Since its inception, it has helped thousands of clients achieve their real estate dreams. Individual homebuyers as well as real estate professionals and builders have come to rely on Commerce Home Mortgage for its in-house underwriting, document production and funding – offerings that result in rapid approval and financing. Certified GOLD by the Green Business Bureau, Commerce Home Mortgage is an environmentally minded firm that prioritizes sustainability through paperless workflow and eco-friendly business practices. Voted top place to work four years in a row, Commerce is well known for their positive, growth oriented, family type work environment.

Latest News

  • News8 8476fa4bf545b5b4d7a4918523bad4b6fbc122f879b11e49f7e5b63acf648a53
    January 05, 2016 | National Mortgage News

    CHM is becoming one of the nation’s top mortgage organizations

    The top three contributing originators, Parkside Lending, NYCB Mortgage Co. and Commerce Home Mortgage Inc., account for 34%....

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    October 20, 2015 | MarketWatch

    Mario De Tomasi Regarding TRID Rollout

    CFPB admits loan disclosure rules rollout hasn’t been smooth - “Either the lender is going to have to pay for the extended rate lock, or the borrower, but somebody is going to have to pay it,” said Mario De Tomasi, chief executive officer of Commerce Home Mortgage in San Ramon, Calif., in an interview after Cordray’s remarks.

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  • News2 0ba77133e9e4e1e80f8944b5ce6fe8b76a7b5fdccb26a7e05e70482eb5e8f0f9
    June 11, 2015 | National Mortgage News

    Kevin Hughes Weighs in on ‘Deep Coverage’ PMI

    Why ‘Deep Coverage’ PMI Could Help Lower G-Fees - Lenders hope this type of arrangement could lead to a reduction in the GSEs' guarantee fees. "If, as a result of risk-sharing structures, the impact results in overall reduced G-fees, that will benefit us," said Kevin Hughes, chief operating officer at Commerce Home Mortgage.

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  • News3 fac35fce7366c6de408aa868e3b63b65a90f28fdf869c495e2824567adb7b6f7
    May 27, 2015 | Bloomberg Business

    Mario De Tomasi Quoted by Bloomberg

    Maybe Alan Greenspan Was Right About Floating-Rate Mortgages - ARMs’ lower payments and Americans’ propensity to change homes fairly often makes them a good choice, says Mario De Tomasi, chief financial officer at San Ramon, California-based lender Commerce Home Mortgage. "Most borrowers—especially younger ones and first time homebuyers—won’t stay in the same residence for 30 years," he said in an e-mail. "Personally I have never taken out a 30-year fixed mortgage on any property I have owned."

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  • News4 6864101ec3c4460078a5e7f69082b1ac30de21d0f0343692705c41ddd53d8136
    March 11, 2015 | HousingWire

    Commerce Home Mortgage Named the Top Originator by HousingWire

    Two Harbors bringing $294 million jumbo RMBS to market - "The WA liquid reserves for the loans is approximately $328,000, which is enough to cover over six years of monthly mortgage payments," DBRS noted. "On average, 6.9% of the loans have liquid reserves higher than their current loan balance." The top originators in the pool are NYCB Mortgage Company (13.5%), George Mason Mortgage (13.2%), United Shore Financial Services (11.3%), Parkside Lending (7.9%), Prospect Mortgage (7.7%), Stifel Bank and Trust (6.5%), Provident Savings Bank (5.6%), Commerce Mortgage (5.5%), Mortgage Master (5.2%), and American Pacific Mortgage Corporation (5.1%).

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  • News6 91ec2471b89979f8a7230d7078180c54040e511005edb3e43315834a2ff8e14e
    August 7, 2014 SAN RAMON

    20 Years in the Business

    Commerce Home Mortgage, a national leader in real estate financing, celebrates 20 years in the mortgage financing industry this year. Rebranded as Commerce Home Mortgage in 2013, the company was founded by Simonich Corporation and Bank of Walnut Creek as BWC Mortgage Services in 1994. It has been privately owned since Bank of Walnut Creek was acquired by First Republic Bank in 2006. Commerce Home Mortgage weathered an industry meltdown by eliminating the practice of funding stated income and sub-prime loans, significantly reducing risk of defaults in its portfolio. By 2008, it received Full Eagle status from the Federal Housing Administration and Housing & Urban Development organizations, allowing the mortgage originator to grow its market share. In 2010, the annual loan originations of Commerce Mortgage had surpassed $825 million. Showing exponential growth by 2013, its annual originations increased to $1.8 billion in its retail division. This year, the company has entered the wholesale lending channel, headquartered in Irvine, Calif. “The evolution and growth of Commerce Home Mortgage over the past 20 years could not have been possible without the dedication and integrity of our team,” expressed Scott Simonich, CEO and founder of Commerce Home Mortgage, at the company’s celebratory dinner last month. “The industry intelligence of our mortgage professionals is one of the company’s assets for which I am most grateful.”

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