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About Us

Our Approach

The process of brokering a loan was broken. So we decided to fix it.

At Commerce Home Mortgage Wholesale, we bring a start up mentality to the old-fashioned mortgage industry. Instead of the rigid structure and red tape that slows down big banks, we’re free to exercise fresh thinking. So we asked ourselves, “If we could reinvent the mortgage industry, what it would it look like?”

Instead of a black box, we provide insight. In place of a faceless process, we staff our operations with real people, who are accessible and accountable. Instead of underwriting a loan number, we put in place a process that treats every transaction personally and professionally.

The CHMW leadership team brings over 100 years experience to the table. We put in place an operations staff with the acumen to structure deals correctly. Sales managers who provide the oversight to ensure your requirements are met and transactions proceed smoothly. As a result you will have the confidence to start and finish a transaction swiftly. You’ll close more loans faster and build your business.

Black Card Service at CHMW

Introducing luxury service for the mortgage industry. Experience the benefits of high-touch, concierge lending with CHMW. Talk to your sales manager to find out if you qualify for this exclusive level of treatment.

Enjoy special perks like:

  • Dedicated concierge and 24/7 call-in service with a credit manager
  • File prioritization
  • Direct access to underwriters and executives
  • Exclusive invites to private events, industry dinners, and more.
  • Guaranteed on-time closings (of course)
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Seven Days Pays!

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Deliver all of your prior to doc conditions within 7 days of receiving your approval and we’ll credit back the cost of your appraisal.
It’s that easy!

Close Faster! Save Your Borrower Money!

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“We take pride in the camaraderie we have at our company. Our mantra: If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.”